Why I love Eddy Finn ukuleles.

When we first started selling instruments, primarily harmonicas, only one wholesaler would give us a shot.  It just so happened that they sold Eddy Finn ukuleles as well so one day out of curiosity we bought a few to see what they were like. To put it simply, we were freakin' blown away.  

When you pick one up the quality of construction really grabs you but more importantly, when you strum one, the sound is amazing.  Throw in a reasonable price for a quality instrument and you have a winner.  They also hold their tuning seemingly forever so that is good too.  So when you combine all of that, you have an instrument that is fun to play and that is what the ukulele is all about.

Now I don't expect you to just take my word for it, after all I'm biased a bit because I sell them, so go to Youtube and look for Eddy Finn ukulele reviews.  You'll see about a million of them and pretty much they are all positive. 

So if you want a fun ukulele that won't break the bank, try an Eddy Finn, you won't be disappointed.  By the way, if you don't like it you can send it back and we'll even compensate you for the shipping.